DELAMAINE, James. 17?? — Cape of Good Hope 1829?. British Colonial Officer. Major in Bengal Army (1827), the Lieutenant-Colonel and Political Agent st Nemaur. Served long under John Malcolm and knew Sanskrit and Persian. In 1923 the first European to visit Nasik Caves.

Publications: “Of the Sra’wacs or Jains”, TrRAS 1, 1827, 413-438.

– “Account of Omkar”, Asiatic Journal N.S. 3, 1830, 207-210; “Description of the Caves near Nasik”, Ibid. 275-281.

Sources: Asiatic Journal 1830, 207; neither in Br. Biogr. Archives 1st & 2nd Series nor in the N.U.C.


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