DELBRÜCK, Richard. Jena 14.7.1875 — Bonn 22.8.1957. German Archaeologist and Classical Scholar. Son of —> Berthold D. Ph.D. 1899 Bonn. PD 1903, Professor 1909, in 1911-15 Director of The Roman Branch of German Archaeological Institute, then worked for German War and Foreign Ministries.. Professor ordin. of Classical Archaeology at the universities of Giessen (1922-28) and Bonn (from 1928). Retired in 1940.

Publications: “Südasiatische Seefahrt im Altertum”, BJb 155/156, 1955–56, 8-58 and 229-308.

Much on classical philology not related to India, especially on architecture and portrait sculpture.

Sources: *D.G.K.; German Wikipedia.


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