DEMING, Wilbur Stone

DEMING, Wilbur Stone. Massachusetts 24.10.1889 — Bridgeport Conn. 31.10.1971. Rev. U.S. Missionary in India. Ph.D. Member of American Maratha Mission.

Publications: Rāmdās and the Rāmdāsīs. 15+223 p. The Religious Life of India. Calcutta & L. 1928 (first a dr. diss. at Hartford Seminary Foundation).

– Eknath. A Maratha Bhakta. 8+117+10 p. Bombay 1931; Tukārāma. Madras 1932.

– Later works on the church history of Connecticut.

Sources: Somewhat bold combining of stray notes: advertisement of Eknath book goves Stone as second name, one of an American book on local church history the birth 1889 for Wilbur Stone D., and a tomstone directory the dates for Wilbur S. deaming born in 1889.


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