DEMING, Wilbur S.

DEMING, Wilbur Stone. Boston, Mass. 13.3. or 24.10.1889 — Bridgeport, Conn. 31.10.1971. Rev. U.S. Missionary in India. Son of Rev. Miner Rudd D. and Mary Frances Losey. Ph.D. Member of American Maratha Mission. In 1924 in or near Ahmednagar. Married 1918 Elsie Cox Smith, two sons, one daughter.

Publications: Rāmdās and the Rāmdāsīs. 15+223 p. The Religious Life of India. Calcutta & L. 1928 (first a dr. diss. at Hartford Seminary Foundation).

Eknath. A Maratha Bhakta. 8+117+10 p. Bombay 1931.

Selections from Tukārām. 238 p. Madras 1932.

Later works on the church history of Connecticut.

Sources: This is a combination of stray notes: an advertisement of Eknāth book gives Stone as second name, an American book on local church history the birth 1889 for Wilbur Stone D., and a tombstone directory the dates for Wilbur S. Deaming born in 1889; parents and marriage in

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