HOFMANN, Alberich Konrad. Kloster Banz, Oberfranken 14.11.1819 — Waging am See, Bavaria 30.9.1890. German Linguist. Born in a monastery where his father was lay official. Educated in Bamberg. Studies at Munich, Erlangen, Berlin and Leipzig, began with medicine, but soon changed to Sanskrit, Iranian and German. Ph.D. 1848 Leizig (under H. L. Fleischer). After studies of medieval French in Paris he became in 1853 ao. Professor at Munich, from 1856 ord. of German (from 1869 also of Romanistics) there. Member of Bavarian A.W. 1856. Married 1853 Marie Krause, seven children. As a scholar he mainly concentrated on Germanistics and Romanistics, but also taught Sanskrit (until 1864).

Publications: Mainly wrote on Old French literature, also on Old and Middle German.

Unpublished diss. on Upaniṣads. Lp. 1848.

Sources: W. Golther, Z. für deutsche Philologie 24, 1892, 64-67 and A.D.B. 50, 1905, 436-438; http://lexikon.romanischestudien.de; Wikipedia.

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