DESGRANGES, ?. 17?? — 18??. French Teacher (according to others, an officer) interested in Sanskrit, author of the first French Sanskrit grammar in the 1840s. On the title page he is called “membre honoraire de la Société royale des antiquaires de France et ancien professeur de mathématiques”, and was said to be among the first students of Chézy (J. Mohl, Annales de philosophie chrétienne 3:7 (27), 1843, 300). In his grammar he used Carey and Wilkins as his principal sources. According to Alfred de Vigny in a letter of recommendation he was octogenarian and had prepared his work for 30 years. The voluminous work had never much influence. N.B. He must not be confused (as is often done) with Alix Desgranges, a former interpreter in Levant (in 1812-31) and Professor of Turkish at Collège de France (in 1835-42). Further, Rev. Augustus Des Granges worked as missionary in Visakhapatnam in 1806. On source gives our grammarian the initials J. C.-L. P. (F. J. Pérez, Orientalismoen Venezuela. Caracas 2004, 53).

Publications: Grammaire sanscrit-française. 1-2. 42+588+544 p. in 4° P. 1845-47.

Sources: Meagre information in the work itself; letter quoted in J.-P- Lassalle, Alfred de Vigny. 2010. On Alix D. see F. Marouis in D.B.F. 10, 1965. Missionary briefly mentioned by R.S. Mantena, The Origins of Modern Historiography in India. N.Y. 2012, 153.


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