HUNT, Edmund Henderson

HUNT, Edmund Henderson. Kensington, London 23.11.1874 — Farnham, Surrey 15.12.1952. British Physician (Surgeon) in India, interested in Archaeology. Son of John Mortimer Hunt and Eliza Henderson. Studies at Oxford (Balliol College). M.D. Chief medical officer to the Nizam’s State Railway. Conducted excavations and collected porcelain. Returned to the U.K. in 1931. Married 1904 Laura Mary Buckingham, four children.

Publications: Reports on Ajanta and Ellora.

Old Hyderabad China: (History, Legend, and Characteristics). 48 p. Bombay 1916.

– “Hyderabad cairns: their problems”, Journal of Hyderabad Arch. Soc. 10, 1916, 180-224; “Hyderabad cairn burials and their significance”, J. of R. Anthr. Inst. 54, 1924, 140-156; “Megalithic Burials in South India”, JRAS 1933, 508-510.

Sources:; stray notes in Internet.

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