DIETZ, Friedrich Reinhold

DIETZ, Friedrich Reinhold. Königsberg 12.1.1805 — Königsberg 5.6.1836. German Physician and Philologist (Historian of Medicine). Studies of medicine and philology at Königsberg, Dr. med. there 1826. With a scholarship by the government travelled in France, Italy, England and Spain studying Greek, Arabic and (in England) Indian medical MSS. In 1833 returned to Königsberg, where he was nominated ao. Professor and Sekundärartzt. Little before his death, in 1836, Professor ordinarius and director of the hospital.

Publications: diss. publ. as Ἱπποκράτους περὶ ἱρῆς νούσου βίβλιον. Lp. 1827 (critical edition and Latin translation of the Hippocratic text On the Sacred Disease).

Analecta medica ex libris MSS. primum edita. 1. 1830 (extracts from Ibn Beithar and notes of medical Sanskrit MSS.).

edited: Galeni de dissectione musculorum et de consuetudine libri. 1832; Scholia to Hippocrates and Galen. 1-2. 1834; and Sorani works. 1838.

Sources: A. Hirsch, A.D.B. 5, 1877, 210f.; German Wikipedia.


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