DOWNES, Edmund

DOWNES, Edmund. 18?? — 1???. British Officer turned Missionary. Served as lieutenant, then left army and worked for Church Missionary Society in Peshawar. In 1872 he made an illegal attempt to cross the border in Persian disguise and get to Kafiristan, but was captured and sent home. After medical course in England in 1877 he returned as medical missionary to Kashmir. In 1882 retired because of ill-health. One Edmund D. died in Eastbourne 11.12.1912 at the age of 69.

Publications: Kafiristan. An account of the country, language and customs of the Siah posh Kafirs. Lahore 1873.

Sources: *A. Neve, Thirty Years in Kashmir. 1913, ch. 2 on ED; The History of the London Church Missionary Society 147 (www/


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