DUFF (Mrs. Rickmers), C. Mabel

DUFF (Mrs. Rickmers), Christian Mabel. Calcutta 7.12.1866 — Munich 24.12.1939. British (Scottish) Traveller and Indologist. Daughter of William Pirie Duff, a merchant in Calcutta, granddaughter of the pioneer of Scottish mission in India, Dr. Alexander Duff (1806–1876). Educated in London and Berlin, she studied Sanskrit at Kiel under Deussen. From 1897 wife of the German geographer and explorer W. R. (Willy) Rickmers (1873–1965). Participated in several trips of exploration and mountaineering of her husband, in Central Asia, Caucasia and Balkan. Her Chronology was the first good work of its kind and therefore long time used as a handbook.

Publications: “The Chronology of the later Andhrabhṛtyas”, JRAS 1893, 613-619.

The Chronology of India, from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century. 409 p. L. 1899.

Translated: Deussen: Manual of Vedānta Philosophy. 19??; and a number of other works from German into English or vice versa.

Translated from W. Geiger’s German manuscript: Cūlavaṁsa. 1-2. 42+362, 34+365 p. P.T.S., transl. series 18 & 20. L. 1929-30.

Sources: C. Frazer, JRAS 1940, 252f.; IC 6:3, 1940, after p. 367; Buckland, Dictionary.

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