KUDZINOWSKI, Czesław. Wodziłówka, Podlasia 8.10.1908 — Poznań 2.3.1988. Polish Linguist, beside Indo-European also Specialist of Finno-Ugrian and Uralic. Professor in Poznań. Son of a small farmer. From 1928 studies of philosophy Wilno (then Polish, now Lithuanian Vilnius), soon switched to IE linguitics. M.A. 1935. In 1935-37 further studies of Fenno-Ugrian at Helsinki, then at Budapest to 1939. Ph.D. 1939. Taught a few months Fenno-Ugrian at Wilno, but in December Germans dismissed all Polish teachers from the university. He taught at underground university and was active in resistance, but in 1944 was sent to concentration camp and then prison. In 1946-48 Assistant at Łodz, then moved to Poznań. After 1949 also taught there Sanskrit, Gothic and Hebrew (beside Finnish and Hungarian), until retirement. From 1955 Docent, 1973 Professor of Indo-European and Finnish Linguistics.
Publications: Wrote on Finnish and Fenno-Ugrian (including his diss.), but mainly on Balto-Slavic, Lithuanian and Balto-Finnish contacts.
Sources: Hankowski 2003, 93; J. Kalliokoski, Virittäjä 92, 1988, 528f. (in Finnish); *Polish Wikipedia with photo.

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