ABRAMJAN (Abramian), Ruben Tadesovič

ABRAMJAN (Abramian), Ruben Tadesovič. Gnišik, Turkish Armenia 9.(21.)2.1881 — 26.10.1951. Armenian Iranian and Armenian Scholar. Son of a civil servant. In 1911 graduated from Oriental Faculty in St. Petersburg. Dr. philol. nauk 1935. In 1935-46 he taught at Tehran University, in 1946-51 naučnyj sotr. at Linguistic Institute of Armenian Academy of Science. He worked on Armenian, Persian and Pehlevi.

Publications: At least 20 items, i.a.:

Diss. Dialectes des Israélites de Hamadan et d’Ispahan et dialecte de Baba Tahir. 173 p. Paris 1935.

In Armenian: Firdausi and his Shahname. 157 p. Tehran 1934; in Persian: Manual of Pehlevi Language. 82 p. Tehran 1937; transl. & comm. Arta viraf namak – Jušti Fran. 165 p. Erevan (Armenian Acad.) 1958.

Pehlevijsko-persidsko-armjano-russko-anglijskij slovar’. 338 p. Erevan 1965 (with p. 253-338, a Pehlevi grammar in Russian and Armenian).

Sources: Miliband 1977, 1995.

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