LAMBERT, Hester Marjorie

LAMBERT, Hester Marjorie. St.Margaret’s, Middlesex 5.11.1895 — London 29.9.1976. British Indologist. Daughter of James John L. and Florence Louisa Legge. M.A. In 1938-63 Senior Lecturer in Marathi at S.O.A.S., then retired. Unmarried.
Publications: Textbooks of English in the 1930s.
– Marathi Language Course. 14+301 p. Oxford 1943.
– Jñāneśvarī. Transl. from Marathi by V. G. Pradhan, edited with introduction by H.M.L. L. 1948, new ed. 1-2. 1967-69.
– Introdution to the Devanagari Script. 12+231 p. L. 1953; Introduction to the scripts of South India and Ceylon. 14+191 p. n.d.
– Gujarati language course. 16+309 p. Cambridge 1971.
Sources: Scanty stray notes in Internet; dates and parents in

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