DUROISELLE, Charles. 1871 — 1951. French Archaeologist and Pāli Scholar in Burma. In 1909 Honorary Keeper of Manuscripts in Bernard Free Library, Rangoon. Superintendent of the Archaeological Survey of Burma from 1912 or 1919 (Forchhammer’s successor) with headquarters in Mandalay, retired in 1939. Also a Professor of Pāli in Rangoon..

Publications: A practical grammar of the Pāli language. 346 p. Rangoon 1906, 3rd ed. R. 1921; School Pāli Series. 1. Reader. 2. Vocabulary. Rangoon 1907.

On the Lokapaññatti, BEFEO 4, 1904, 414ff.; “The Commentary on the Dhammapada”, Buddhism 2:1, c. 1906; review of Bode, Pāli Lit. of Burma, Journal of Burma Res. Soc. 1:1, 1911, 119-122.

Notes on the Vessantara Jataka Vatthu. 85 p. Rangoon 1917.

The Talaing plaques on the Ananda text. 210+174 p. A.S. of Burma, Epigr. Birmanica 2:1-2. Rangoon 1921.

Catalogue of Coins in the Phayre Museum, Rangoon. Rangoon 1924.

The Ānanda Temple at Pagan. 24 p. 14 pl. M.A.S.I. 56. Delhi 1937.

Further articles on Burmese antiquities.

Sources: *Obituary by Pe Maung Tin 1951; works in N.U.C.; briefly in U Tin Htway, “Burmese Epigraphy”, Aséanie 7, 2001, 35-57; Wikipedia briefly.

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