LEWIS, R. E. (or G. C.?)

LEWIS, R. E. (or G. C.?). 1817? — Anerley ?.3.1899. British Businessman in Sri Lanka. Arrived in 1841, when 24, representing Parlett, O’Halloran & Co. In 1848-53 the editor of the Ceylon Examiner. In 1853 left for England, returned 1855 and worked in business. Finally returned to England in 1870.
Publications: “The Rural Economy of the Sinhalese (more particularly with reference to the District of Sabaragamuwa), with some account of their Superstitions”, JRAS-CB 2:1 (4), 1848, 31-52.
– Coffee Planting in Ceylon, Past and Present. Colombo 1855.
Sources: A. Wright (ed.), Twentieth Century Impressions of Ceylon. 1907, repr. 1999, 304.

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