ECKE, Emil-Wilhelm-Gustav

ECKE, Emil-Wilhelm-Gustav. Bonn 1896 — Honolulu 18.12.1971. German Art Historian in China and U.S.A. Son of Gustav Ecke, Professor of Theology. From 1914 studies at Bonn, Berlin and Erlangen. Ph.D. 1922, on European art. In 1923 went to China, taught at several universities there: 1923-28 Amoy University, 1928-33 at Tsing-hua University, Peking, finally at Catholic University of Beijing. In 1934-35 studies in Paris under Hackin. Forced by communists to leave China in 1949 went to Hawaii and became curator at Honolulu Academy of Arts, form 1950 also Professor of Arts, Honolulu University, retired in 1966. Then in Europe, teaching at Munich and Bonn (1966-68). In China, he conducted archaeological field-work in Fukien, Shantung, Honan, Hopei, and Shanghai. Married 1945 his young student Tseng Yuho (1920–, then also known as Betty Ecke), an artist.

Publications: The Twin Pagodes of Zayton. A study of later Buddhist sculpture in China. Cambridge, Mass. 1935.

several other works on Chinese art.

Sources: Pierre Jaquillard, Art. As. 34, 1972, 114-118 with photo; Wikipedia.


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