LOGAN, James Richardson

LOGAN, James Richardson.Hutton Hall, Berwickshire, Scotland 10.4.1819 — Penang 20.10.1869. British (Scottish) Lawyer. Son of Thomas L. and Elizabeth Moffat. Educated at Academy of Dunse, trained in law. In 1839 left for Penang in order to become an indigo planter in Bengal, but soon joined the Straits Bar and worked as a lawyer in Penang. In 1843 moved to Singapore. From 1853 editor of the Penang Gazette. In 1853 he was the first to draw attention to the Munda / Mon-Khmer connection. He was known as a defender of the rights of the Chinese and Malays and succesfully campaigned for the separating of Straits from Indian rule. Married 1846, two sons, one daughter.

Publications: “Ethnology of the Indo-Pacific Islands II. The Races and Languages of S.E. Asia considered in relation to those of the Indo-Pacific Islands”, Journal of the Indian Archipelago 7, 1853, 20-52, 105-137, 186-224; 8, 1854, 28-??, 200-265, 421-504; 9, 1855, 1-?, 162-??, 359-???; N.S. 1, 1856, Appendix 1-??, and other articles.

– Founder and editor of the Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia 1847-62.

Sources: Wikipedia briefly; Joshua Chia Yeong Jia & Bonny Tan in http://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/infopedia/articles/SIP_1146_2009-10-27.html.

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