LORIMER, Florence M. G.

LORIMER, Florence Mary Glen (from 1928 Mrs. Cardew). Strathmartine near Dundee 11.12.1883 — 15.2.1967. British Librarian. Daughter of Rev. Robert L. and Isabella Lockhart Robinson, sister of —> D. L. R. Lorimer and others. Educated at Dundee High School and Notting Hill High School. Studies at Oxford (Somerville College) in 1902-05. In 1907-09 worked in Bodleian Library, then assistant to M. A. Stein cataloguing his Central Asian collections, preparing the Serindia for publication and arranging exhibitions, first in British Museum, 1919-22 in Kashmir. After two short-time jobs in England joined a buying company in 1925 and went to India to buy carpets and other products. Worked seven years as “Buyer of Oriental Carpets and Oriental Fancy Goods”. In 1928 married Arthur Cardew (d. 1936), a retired civil servant turned antique dealer and widow. In 1932 she became Assistant Librarian at R.A.S., again in catalogue work. In 1940 lost this position because of the wartime shortage. After a brief time in Cambridge she became acting Librarian of Royal Horticultural Society, until the mid-1950s there.

Publications: No own publications, except an exhibition catalogue and a few articles in the Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society on the history of botany.

Sources: *H. Wang, “Stein’s Recording Angel – Miss F.M.G.L.”, JRAS 3:8, 1998, 207-228 (with photo).

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