MACALISTER, Robert Alexander Stewart .Rathmines, Dublin 8.7.1870 — Cambridge 26.4.1950. Irish Archeologist. Professor in Dublin. Son of Alexander M., anatomist and Egyptologist, and Elizabeth Stewart. His mother and paternal grandfather came from Scotland. Father was Professor at Trinity College and from 1883 at Cambridge, thus he grew up in Cambridge, educated at Rathmines School and Perse School. Studied mathematics and geology at St.John’s College, Cambridge, graduated 1892. Began early research on prehistory, soon included languages, epigraphy and history of Western Europe, especially Ireland. In 1898-1909 excavated for Palestine Exploration Fund. In 1909-43 Professor of Celtic Archaeology at University College, Dublin. In retirement lived in Cambridge, but remained always Irish nationalist. Hon. dr. Cambridge, Dublin, University of Wales and Glasgow. Royal Irish Academy 1910. Unmarried.

Publications: The Language of the Nawar or Zutt, the Nomad Smiths of Palestine. 216 p. Gypsy Lore Society Monographs 3. L. 1914.

– Much on Irish archaeology, history and prehistory, important publictions on Irish epigraphy; also much on Palestinian archaeology.

Sources: J.L. Myres, Man 50, 1950, 90; H. Richardson, D.I.B. 5, 686f.; Wikipedia with photo.

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