ADAM, Matthew Thomson

ADAM, Matthew Thomson. 17?? — 18??. Rev. British Priest in India and Author of Books on Hindi/Urdu. Ordained 1819, arrived in 1820 at Calcutta with his wife and soon proceeded to Benares, working for London Missionary Society as teacher at Hindu College. He was a keen student of Hindi. In 1830 returned to England because of health problems, left the society and later moved to U.S.A. where he worked as minister.

Publications: Hindi Bhaskara Wyakarana. A Hindee Grammar, for the Instruction of the Young, in the form of Questions and Answers. Calcutta 1827 (in Hindi); Pleasing Tales, or Stories to improve the Understanding, tr. into Hinduwee. Calcutta 1828 and several editions; Hindi Kosha, a Dictionary of the Hindui Language. 395 p. Calcutta 1829; Dictionary, English and Hindui. 235 p. Calcutta 1829, 2nd ed. 1838.

Sources: Works in Grierson’s Hindi bibliography in the L.S.I. and in the N.U.C. Not in D.N.B., Br. Biogr. Arch.; briefly in Missionary Register for 1820; J. Kennedy, Life and Work in Benares and Kumaun 1839–1877. L. 1884, 23f.

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