MACGREGOR, Charles Metcalfe. Agra 12.8.1840 — Cairo 5.2.1887. Sir. British (Scottish) Colonial Officer, Geographer and Explorer in India. Son of Major Robert Guthrie M. Educated at Marlborough College. At the age of 16 joined Indian army and had immediately to fight the 1857 uprising. Further military service in China, Bhutan and Ethiopia, then in the second Afghan war. Promoted Major-General little before his death. C.I.E. Married 1869 Frances Mary Durand (d. 1873) and 1883 Charlotte Mary Jardine, one daughter with the first wife.

Publications: Gazetteer of Central Asia. 1-7. Calcutta 1868-73.

A contribution towards the better knowledge of the topography, ethnology, resources, & history of Persia. 6+801 p. Calcutta 1871.

– A Military Report on the Country of Bhutan, containing all the information of military importance which has been collected up to date, 12th July, 1866. 74 p. Calcutta 1873.

– Narrative of a journey through the province of Khorassan and on the N.W. Frontier of Afghanistan in 1875. 1-2. L. 1879.

– Wanderings in Baloochistan. 315 p. L. 1882.

– The Defence of India: a strategical study. 359 p. Simla 1884.

– Edited: The second Afghan war, 1878-80; official account. 10+734 p. L. 1908 (until then suppressed by the government).

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; *T.H. Holdich, Proc. R. Geogr. Soc. 9:3, 1887, 194-196; S.P.O[liver], D.N.B. 35, 1893, 93-95; Wikipedia with portrait.

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