MAHONY, Daniel

MAHONY, Daniel. Dunloe Castle, Kerry 1758 — Ibid. 29.10.1832. British (Irish) Colonial Officer in India. Son of John M. and Honora Haly. In 1796 visited Kandy as Lieutenant, then Captain (1801), later Brigade Major (1810) and 1812 Lieutenant-Colonel. Retired and lived in his family estate Dunloe Castle in Kerry, Married 1787 Elizabeth Creagh, six children.

Publications: “On Singhala or Ceylon, and the Doctrines of Bhooddha, from the Books of the Singhalais”, As. Res. 7, 1801, 8° repr. 1803, 32-56.

Sources: In Indian and Sri Lankan context usually mentioned only by military rank and surname. The details about Daniel M. in Ireland were collected from various hints in Internet (not in D.I.B.), without any mention of India or Sri Lanka, and finally the link connecting him with India in From I learn that his younger brother Denis M. (1768–1813) also served as officer in India. Nevertheless, certain uncertainty about the correctness of this remains.

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