MALET, George Grenville

MALET, George Grenville. Newton Tony, Wiltshire 7.3.1804 — Bushire, Iran 9.12.1856.British Colonial Officer in India. Lieutenant-Colonel (1854). Son of —> Ch. W. Malet and Susanna Wales. Joined E.I.C.’s army in 1822, served in Bombay Presidency. From 1843 resident in Khairpur. Fell commanding his regiment in the capture of Bushire in the war with Persia. Married 1851 Mary Fleming Taylor, three daughters and one son.

Publications: Translated (assisted by Peer Mahomet): A History of Sind. 8+156 p. Bombay 1855 (from Persian of Muḥammad Ma‘sūm).

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; C.E.M[allet], D.N.B. 35, 1893, 419 (under his father); Stray noted in Internet give his birth year also as 1804 and 1806 (but agree with 7.3.).

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