MARKGRAF, Walter (Samaṇero Dhammānusari)

MARKGRAF, Walter (Samaṇero Dhammānusari). 1865 — Flanders 1915. Swiss Bauddha. Ordained samaṇera 1908 in Rangoon by Nyāyatiloka, but returned soon to lay life. Ran his own publishing house in Breslau, publishing also Buddhist books by other writers (but also other books). Original collaboration with Seidenstücker ended soon because of doctrinal differences (WM wanted strict monastic Theravāda, while S. preferred Mahāyāna as more open to laymen). Died in WW I.

Publications: Indien und die buddhistische Welt. 1913; Buddhismus und Mystik. 19??; Das Ichproblem im Buddhismus. 19??; other popular books on Buddhism.

– Translated: Der Pfad der Wahrheit (Dhammapadam). 58 p. 1912.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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