MARSDEN, Edmund. 18?? — 19??. British author of textbooks, some of which were also translated into Hindī, Tamil and other languages. In 1893 he belonged to Madras Department of Public Instruction, and was official Reader in Persian to the government, in 1903-07 agent of Macmillan publishers in India, retired. One E.M. was retired inspector of schools in 1915. The colonial officer E.M. (1881–1915) of Madras was too young.

Genealogical pages (e.g. know a likely candidate. E.M. Bangalore 13.2.1848 — Hampstead, London 11.11.1932. Son of an elder S.M. and Mary Anne Hudlow (d. 1858 in Madras). Married 1878 Julia Turner, six children (at least some of them were born in Madras),

Publications: A Geography of the Madras Presidency. Rev. 2nd ed. 80 p. L. 1895.

– Tamil Reader. Madras 1897; Tamil Second Reader. 80 p. L. 1910; Tamil Third Reader. 4+92 p. L. 1910; Tamil Fourth Reader. 4.125 p. L. 1910 – the 1910 editions were probably reprints.

– With M. V. Ratnam: Third and Fourth Telugu Reader. Madras 1897.

– History of India for senior classes. 1. The Hindu Period. 10+331 p. L. 1909; with H. Sharp, A history of India for high schools. 10+284 p. L. 1930.

– Hindi story readers: first reader. 1915.

– Textbooks of history, geography, etc.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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