MARSHALL, George Turnbull. Calcutta 13.12.1803 — at sea, St.Ives Bay, Cornwall 10.12.1854. British Colonial Officer in India. Arrived c. 1830. Major 1846. In 1838-52 Secretary of the College of Fort William in Calcutta (the last holder of this office before the closing of the College), in 1839-40 also of Sanskrit College. He was a friend of Īśvaracandra Vidyāsāgara, who after his death edited Kumārasambhava 9–17 from a manuscript brought by Marshall from South India in 1828. Married 1834 Margaret Louisa Turner, four daughters and two sons.

Publications: “Translation of an Inscription on Stone in the Asiatic Society’s Museum, marked No. 2”, JASB 6, 1837, 88-97, 1 pl.; “Facsimiles of Ancient Inscriptions”, JASB 6, 1837, 218-223.

– A Guide to Bengal: Being a Close Translation of Ishwar Chandra Sharma’s Bengallee Version of that Portion of Marshman’s ‘History of Bengal’, which Comprises the Rise and Progress of the British Dominion, with Notes and Observations. 4+159 p. Calcutta 1850.

Sources: Information collected from various sources and kindly given to my use in March 2019 by Marco Franceschini, with additions from from

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