MARTIN, Claude

MARTIN, Claude. Lyon 5.1.1735 — Lucknow 13.9.1800. French Officer in India. Born in a modest middle class family, son of Fleury M., a casket maker, and Anne Vaginay. After school in Lyon apprenticed to a local silk weaver, but in 1751 he enlisted as a soldier in French East India Company and served under Dupleix. After defeat in 1763 joined the Bengal army of British E.I.C. Participated in the Bengal Survey of Rennell. From 1776 Superintendent of the Arsenal for the Nawab of Awadh. Major-General 1795. In Lucknow also worked as architect. He collected a large library and numerous paintings. He never married, but had a number of mistresses. He left the major part of his great fortune for charitable purposes. Friend of —> Polier.

Publications: Apparently nothing.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia with portrait and further references.

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