MATTHEWS, Gordon. Crosby near Liverpool 1886 — Scotland 1947. Rev. British Missionary in South India. Son of John M., a local G.P., the family came from North Wales. Studies at Merton College, Oxford. M.A. 1910, B.Litt., B.D. 1912 (Mansfield College), now left for India. Professor of English and Vice-Principal at Madras Christian College. Member of Tamil Lexicon Committee. Retired 1939 and was then eight years Lecturer in Tamil at S.O.A.S. Died during a fishing holiday in Scotland. Married 1912 Janet Ellen Viney, two sons (physicist Paul M.) and one daughter.

Publications: “The Vulgar Pronunciation of Tamil”, BSOS 10:4, 1942, 992-997.

– Transl. Sivananabodham: a manual of Saiva religious doctrine. 82 p. Oxford 1948 (Civañānapotam by Meykaṇṭatēvar).

Sources: (obituary of his son by T. W. B. Kibble, including the above details of his father’s life).

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