ELLIOTT, Charles

ELLIOTT, Charles. London 10.12.1776 — London 4.5.1856. British Civil Servant in India. Son of Charles E., a cabinet-maker, and Sarah Ann Sherman. He “voluntarily passed through the college of Fort William, judge of Fatehghar at 30, judge of Bareli, Court of Appeal, Judge of the Sadr Court at Calcutta, 1821. In 1822 to Delhi as senior member of the Board, N.W.P. and A.G.G. at the Court of the Great Mogul” (Akbar Shah II). Returned to England in 1826 and lived in London. Married 1802 Alicia Boileau (1779–1851), one daughter and three sons (William Henry E., 1811?–1870, served in India).

Publications: The Life of Hafiz ool Moolk, Hafiz Rehmut Khan, written by his Son, the Nuwab Moost’ujab Khan Buhadoor. Abridged and translated from Persian. 144 p. L. 1831 (Nawab Mustajab Khan Bahadur’s Gulistan-i Rahmat).

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; bartonhistory.wikispaces.com with portrait; M. Ramzan-Nia, “Colonial Scholars, Persian Historiographical Sources: Translations and Past India”, Intern. Journal of Humanities 21, 2014, 83-105 (the book mentioned on p. 92).

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