ELMORE, Wilber Theodore

ELMORE, Wilber Theodore. 1871 — 1935. U.S. (?) Baptist Missionary in India. Ph.D. 1915 University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Worked in Rampatnam, South India (1913) until 1918. Then in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1925 moved to Wayne PA, where he taught at Eastern Baptist Seminary. Married Maude Johnson, musician and composer Robert Hall E. was his son. The ancestry.com has enigmatic account of his birth: “Born in S India, Lincolnshire, England on 1871 to Jerom Humphrey Elmore [who is said to be born in Illinois) and Emeline Sarah Hall [also American]”.

Publications: diss. Dravidian Gods in modern Hinduism: a study of the local and village deities. 163 p. S.l. 1913/Lincoln, Nebraska 1915.

Sources: Only one work in N.U.C. (+ a Christian booklet by his wife).


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