ENTHOVEN, Reginald Edward

ENTHOVEN, Reginald Edward. Hastings, Sussex 23.11.1869 — Boars Hill near Oxford 21.5.1952 (when 82). British Civil Servant and Anthropologist in India. Son of James Henry E. and Miriam Josephine Mozley. Educated at Wellington College, studies at New College, Oxford, in preparation to Indian service. Joined I.C.S. in 1887, served mainly in Bombay Presidency. In 1905 Junior Collector, 1910 Senior Collector. In 1912-15 he was secretary to the Government of India, and from 1920 Commissioner of Customs, Salt and Excise in Bombay. Retired and returned to England in 1921. From 1921 underwriting member of Lloyd’s. C.I.E. 1910. Married 1913 Beatrice Huntington (1882–1953), two daughters.

Publications: The Cotton fabrics of the Bombay Presidency. 51 p. (Bombay?) 1897.

Bombay. 284 p. Census of India 1901, vol. 9. Bombay 1902.

Edited from A. M. T. Jackson’s papers in IA: Folklore of Gujarat. 9+159 p. Bombay1911; Folklore of the Konkan. 2+92+37 p. Bombay 1914.

The tribes and castes of Bombay. 1-3. 380+447+472 p. Bombay 1920-22.

The Folklore of Bombay. 353 p. Oxford 1924; with W. Crooke, Religion and folklore of Northern India. 471 p. Oxford 1926.

– General index to J. M. Campbell (ed.), Gazetteer of Bombay Presidency.

A number of articles and reviews in JRAS, E.R.E., etc.

Sources: P. R. Cadell, JRAS 1952, 181f.; Who Was Who 1951-1960; Wikipedia.

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