MONTRIOU, William Austin

MONTRIOU, William Austin. 1810 — 1885. British Lawyer in India. Son of William M. and Mary Ann Carvick. Called to bar from Inner Temple in 1837. Advocate in Calcutta High Court. Married 1839 Ann Julia Fitzpatrick and 1850 Eliza Mitchell, three children with each.

Publications: Cases of Hindu Law. 1. Before H.M. Supreme Court, During the First Thirty Years. 2. From A.D. 1810 1o 1840 inclusive. 639 p. Calcutta 1853-61.

– Translated with Ed. Röer: Hindu law and judicature from the Dharmashastra of Yájnavalkya. 11+80+10 p. L. 1859.

– Institutes of Jurisprudence: being an elementary analysis and exposition of the science of law as the universal rule and bond of civil society. 18+213 p. Calcutta 1862.

– Some Precedents and Records to Aid Enquiry as to the Hindu Will of Bengal. 121+198 p. Calcutta 1870.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet (incl. myheritage).

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