MORTON, William

MORTON, William. 1794 — 18??. Rev. Irish Missionary in India. In Cossipore, for a while also in Chinsura, working for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. In 1826 he is mentioned as Professor and Chaplain of Calcutta Grammar-School. He had health problems and was temporarily sent to Mauritius and in 1832 to the Seychelles (said to be the first missionary to visit the islands). Then (1833) again back in Chinsura. Married at least twice (first wife, Carolina Olivia Clar, 1785–1826, second, Catherine Herklots, died 1839, being 29), two daughters with the first wife and two sons and two daughters with the second.

Publications: Dvibhāṣārthakābhidhāna: A Dictionary of the Bengali Language with Bengali Synonyms and English Interpretations. 7+660 p. Calcutta 1828.

– Bengali Renderings of Scripture Terms. Calcutta 18?? (before 1831); Biblical and Theological Vocabulary, English and Bengali. 4+30 p. Calcutta 1845.

– A Collection of Proverbs, Bengali and Sanscrit . 8+160 p. Calcutta 1832.

– The Life of Daniel, the Prophet of God; with a Bengali Translation. 345 p. Calcutta 1837.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet (mainly mission reports); not in D.I.B.

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