O’BRIEN, Edward

O’BRIEN, Edward. 26.7.1840 — 28.11.1893 (when 53). British Civil Servant in India. Son of Henry O’Brien and Henrietta Godley. Deputy Commissioner of Kangra. Married Mary Oclanis Lamb, six children (—> A. J. O’Brien). He assisted his colleagues in similar works, but his pen writings were only published posthumously.

Publications: Report of the Land Revenue Settlement of the Muzaffargarh District of the Punjab 1873-80. Lahore 1882.

– With M. Morris; The Kangra Gaddis. 43 p. Punjab Ethnography 11. Lahore 1900.

– “Notes of the Dialect of the Kangra Valley”, JASB 71:1, 1902, 71-98.

– Glossary of the Multani Language, compared with Punjábi and Sindhi. Lahore 1881, rev. ed. Glossary of the Multani Language or South-Western Panjabi. Rev. by J. Wilson  and Pandit Hari Kishen Kaul. Lahore 1903.

– Grammar of the Gādī Dialect [of Chamĕāḷī] with examples taken from popular songs, with notes by T. Gr. Bailey, Appendix II. of Kangra Gazetteer. 1904, repr. in Bailey’s The Languages of the Northern Himalayas, being Studies in the Grammar of 26 Hima­layan Dialects. 345 p. L. 1908.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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