AGRELL, Per Sigurd

AGRELL, Per Sigurd. Rämmen/Värmland 16.1.1881 — Lund 19.4.1937. Swedish Slavist and IE Lin­guist, Runic Scholar, Translator and Poet. Professor in Lund. Son of factory owner Frans Vilhelm A. and Ida Örten­holm. Studies from 1899 at Uppsala: fil.kand. & fil.lic. 1907 there, Ph.D. 1909 Lund. PD i slaviska språk from 1909 at Lund, from 1921 Professor of the same. Married 1911 with Anna Öster­man (d. 1931) and 1933 with Märta Sköllerstrand, at least two sons.

Publications: studies on Slavic verbs, on Slavic accent, on historical phonetics of Balto-Slavic.

– “Zur Geschichte des ig. Neutrums”, Kungl. Human. Vetenskapssamfundet i Lund Årsberättelse 1925-26, 17-64.

studies on runes, e.g. Senantik mysteriereligion och nordisk runmagi. 1931.

six collections of poetry, several translations of Russian classics.

Sources: Svenska män och kvinnor 1 and Wikipedia (Swedish with more information), both with photo.

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