PETZ, Gedeon

PETZ, Gideon. Harka 24.11.1863 — Budapest 21.12.1943. Hungarian Linguist. Studies at Budapest, Freiburg i. Br., Leipzig and Berlin, 1881-87. Ph.D. Teacher at Lutheran gymnasium in Budapest. At Budapest University: PD 1887, ao. Professor 1896, ord. 1904, of German Philology. Member of Hungarian Academy: correspondent 1895, ord. 1920, honorary 1934.

Publications: Wrote in Hungarian on IE 1893-1902, e.g. Az indogermán hangtan mai állásáról. 37 p. Budapest 1893; also wrote on German.

Sources: Z. Fallenbüchl, Ö.B.L. 8:36, 1979, 14f. (online in; briefly in Hungarian *VikipediO with photo; Puskás 1991, 128, nos. 99f.

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