FINCH, William

FINCH, William. 15?? — Baghdad ?.8.1613. British Merchant and Traveller in India. From London. He came to Surat with Hawkins in 1608 and had to stay there because of an illness, but joined later Hawkins in 1610 at Jahangir’s court and spent one and a half year in Agra, Fatehpur and Delhi. Now he parted from Hawkins and travelled alone visiting Lahore. Died during the land travel to Europe “from drinking poisoned water” on his way to Aleppo. He was a keen observer of trade and natural resources.

Publications: journal originally published by Purchas; India as seen by William Finch, A.D. 1608–1611. Ed. by R. Nath. 124 p. Jaipur 1990.

Sources: J. B–y, D.N.B. 19, 1889, 20; Oaten 1909, 155-158; Wikipedia.


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