PORRU, Giulia

PORRU, Giulia. 1913 — 2000 (?). Italian Linguist. Studies at Florence, i.a. under Devoto. Ph.D. 1937 Florence, PD in glottologia 1943. From 1946 Professore indaricato di filologia Germanica at Florence, also taught general linguistics. She was the first Italian to show interest in phonology.

Publications: “I verbi della VII classe dell’antico indiano”, Rendic. Ist. Lombardo 71, 1938, 417-468.

– “Anmerkungen über die Phonologie des Italienischen”, TCLP 8, 1939, 187-208.

– Studi d’indianistica in Italia dal 1911 al 1938. 8+257 p. Pubbl. Univ. Firenze 3:10. Florence 1940 (bibliography).

– Also wrote on Germanic languages.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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