FLECHIA, Giovanni

FLECHIA, Giovanni. Piverone (Piemonte) 6.11.1811 — Piverone 3.7.1892. Italian Indologist. Professor in Turin. Son of Carlo F., a physician, and Teresa Mosca. As a young man worked as secretary in a noble family in Turin and attended some courses at University, later also studies in Paris and London. Learned Sanskrit from books and taught it then at Torino University in 1853-92. In 1860-90 Professor of grammatica comparata at the same university, 1890 emeritus, Senator 1891. He wrote the first Italian Sanskrit grammar on basis of Benfey’s Vollst. Grammatik. Also worked on Italian dialectology. Among his students were M. Kerbaker, A. Marazzi, P. Merlo, and D. Pezzi.

Publications: Grammatica sanscrita. 3+408 p. Torino 1856.

translated passages from the Mahābhārata and Rāmāyaṇa for Turinese journals, 1848-55.

the chapter on history in F. C. Marmocchi & G. F.: L’impero anglo-indiano: descrizione geografica, storica etc. 1311 p. 1862.

– “Versione sanscrita dell’ episodio dantesco Francesca da Rimini”, Ricordo ai colleghi indologi del Congresso orientalistico di Berlino. 1881.

– “Il Meghadūta. Traduzieno in versi, a cura di F. L. Pullé”, SFII 1-3, 1898-99.

Sources: Gli studi orientali in Italia 1861–1911; Italian Wikipedia with bust.


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