FLENSBURG, Nils Olof Mathias

FLENSBURG, Nils Olof Mathias. Lund 22.4.1855 — 7.4.1926. Swedish Indologist. Professor in Lund. Son of a priest (future bishop) Wilhelm Fl., matriculated from Lund Cathedral School in 1873. From 1873 studies at Lund: 1880 fil.kand., 1886 fil.lic. In 1887-1919 taught at Lunds privata elementarskolan. In 1888 Ph.D. Lund, and immediately PD in Sanskrit there. In 1889-91 and 1892-95 acting Professor of Oriental languages. From 1898 eo. Professor for “Sanskrit med jämförande inroeuropeisk språkforskning”, from 1909 ord. Professor of same, at Lund University. In 1920 emeritus. In 1903 married Petra Annette Vogt (from Norway).

The scholarly work of NFl belongs mainly in his early years, as a Professor he was more interested in culture and literature. He wrote himself poetry, but was never remarkable in this respect. Tuneld lauded his learning and acuteness, but criticized him for want of originality.

Publications: diss. Bidrag till den fornindiska tempusläran i klassiska och episka språket. 178 p. Lund 1888.

Studien auf dem Gebiete der indogermanischen Wurzelbildung. 1. Die einfache Basis ter- im Indogermanischen. Lund 1897.

Bidrag till Rigvedas mytologi. Om guden Pūṣan i Rigveda. Lund Univ. Årsskrift N.F. V, Avd. 1, 5. Lund 1909.

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