FOLKERT, Kendall W.

FOLKERT, Kendall Wayne. 5.3.1942 — Ahmedabad, Gujarat 29.10.1985. U.S. Scholar of Indian Religion. Son of Wallace F. and Myrtle Catherine De Witt. Studies at Western Michigan University (B.A. 1964) and Harvard, also at Göttingen (C. Colpe). Ph.D. 1975 Harvard (under Ingalls), fieldwork for this in Varanasi 1972. Associate Professor at Religion Department, Central Michigan Univer­sity. Died in a scooter accident during fieldwork in India.

Publications: Diss. Two Jaina Approaches to Non-Jainas: Patterns and Implications. Manuscript, Harvard 1975.

Scripture and Community: Collected Essays on the Jains. Edited by J. E. Cort. 450 p. Studies in World Religions 6. Atlanta 1993; articles.

Sources: *W.A. Graham, Journal of Asian Studies 45, 1986, 1128f.; brief mention in with photo; dates in

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