ALBRIGHT, Ruth Norton (née Ruth Norton)

ALBRIGHT, Ruth Norton (née Ruth Norton). Elizabeth, Union County NJ 1.6.1892 — Baltimore 1.10.1979. U.S. Indologist. Student of Bloomfield at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Ph.D. 1921 Johns Hopkins. Right after Ph.D., in 1921, she married her fellow-student, the soon well-known Semitic scholar William Foxwell Albright (1891–1971) and abandoned her own career devoting to her husband and eventually to their four sons. They lived in Baltimore, where W. F. Albright was W. W. Spence Professor of Semitic Languages in 1929-58 at Johns Hopkins.

Publications: Diss. publ. The Vedic declension of the type vṛkī´s. 24 p. Philadelphia 1927.

– “The Life-Index: A Hindu Fiction Motif”, Studies in honor of Maurice Bloomfield. New Haven 1920, 211–224; “Note on Tantrākhyāyikā IV, A 286”, JAOS 41, 1921, 76f.

Sources: Briefly mentioned in her husband’s life in W. Van Beek (ed.), The Scholarship of W.F.A. Atlanta, Georgia 1989; book in the N.U.C. Husband also in the Who Was Who in Am. 5, 1969–1973; dates in Indologica Digitalisate; dates and photo in

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