FONTANE, Marius Étienne

FONTANE, Marius Étienne. Marseille 4.9.1838 — Berck (Pas-de-Calais) 1914. French Literate. In the age of 17 he joined a commercial house, in whose service he had to travel much, also in Asia. He met Ferdinand de Lesseps and became his secretary and thus participated in the work both in Suez and in Panama (where he spent two years in prison). He was interested in history and literature and wrote himself a great number of books: novels, on political economy, travel books, history. His main work was the great Histoire universelle, planned in sixty volumes, of which only 14 came out in 1881-1910.

Publications: “Aryas et Dasyous. Les premiers temps de l’Inde védique”, Nouv. revue 1880, 67-??; “Aryas et Iraniens”, Nouv. revue 11, 1881, 294-??.

Inde védique, de 1800 à 800 avant Jésus Christ. 439 p. Histoire universelle 1. P. 1881; Les Iraniens. Histoire universelle ?. P. 1889.

Sources: R. Fountès, D.B.F. 14, 1979, 322f.; works on India in Renou, Bibliographie védique.


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