RONA, Jose Pedro

RONA, Jose Pedro. Lucanec 20.3.1923 — 16.7.1974. Uruguayan IE Scholar. Son of Alejandro Rona and Lea Vajda. Studies at University of Montevideo. Ph.D. 1965 University of Porto Alegre, Brazil, in linguistics. Professor of General and IE Linguistics at Montevideo (1961). In 1969/73 probably at University of Ottawa. Died of heart attack. Married.

He was not an important linguist. According to Kuiper’s short review (Lingua 8, 1959, 336) of the Fire book “the linguistics argument looks like being written in the years before Jacob Grimm”. But perhaps he did better in sociolinguistics and dialectology.

Publications: El culto indoeuropeo del Fuego. 26 p. Montevideo 1957.

– La obra de Federico Hrozný en el dominio indoeuropeo. 107 p. Montevideo 1957.

– Also wrote on Amerindian languages and on Spanish.

Sources: Who’s Who Tamil Res. 1968; stray notes in Internet.

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