FORSTER, Reinhold

FORSTER, Johann Reinhold. Dirschau, West Prussia (now Tczew in Poland) 22.10.1729 — Halle 9.12.1798. German Scientist. Son of George Reinhold F. (1693–1753), a mayor, of an originally Scottish family (Forrester) emigrated to Germany in the mid-17th century, and Eva Wolf. After theology studies at Halle started his career as an unenthusiastic priest (minister near Danzig from 1753) and concentrated on various studies. In 1765 conducted an expedition to the Volga, then moved to England and made his living by literary work. With his son participated in Cook’s second voyage in 1772-75. From 1780 Professor of Natural History at Halle University. Married 1754 his cousin Justine Elisabeth Nikolai (1726–1804), four daughters and three sons. Father of —> J. G. F., father-in-law of —> M. C. Sprengel.

Publications: Observations Made during a Voyage round the World. 649 p. L. 1778.

Indische Zoologie oder systematische Beschreibungen seltener un unbekannter Thiere aus Indien. 42 p. 15 col. pl. Halle 1781.

Edited: Magazin von merkwürdigen neuen Reisebeschreibungen. B. 1790-1800.

Transl. Paulinus a S. Bartholomaeo, Viaggio as Des Fra Paolini Da San Bartolomeo Reise Nach Ostindien. 10+483 p. B. 1798; numerous other translations.

The Resolution Journal of Johann Reinhold Forster. Ed. by M.E. Hoare, 1-4. L., Hakluyt Society 1982.

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