ROUSE, George Henry

ROUSE, George Henry. Melton, Suffolk 13.11.1838 — Worthing, Sussex 2.4.1909. Rev. British Baptist Missionary in India. Son of Rolla Rouse and Elizabeth Jane Meadow. Became Baptist when 16. After Stepney College studies at London University. M.A., LL.B., D.D. Missionary in Calcutta in 1861-67, returned because of health problems. In 1867-72 taught at Haverfordwest Baptist College. Then back in India, Head of the Baptist Mission Press in Lucknow. Visited Palestine and then (1896) New Zealand. Married with Lydia (d. 1884), one daughter and one son, —> W. H. D. Rouse.

Publications: Edited the 3rd ed. of W. Yates’ Introduction to the Bengali Language. 9+150+407 p. Calcutta 1891.

– Edited: Indian and Singhalese Missionary Pictures. 10+220 p. L. 1894.

– Religious books, participated in the Bengali Bible translation.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet, e.g.;

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