FOULKES, Thomas. Wales 1826 — 1901. Rev. British (Welsh) Priest and Indologist in India. Educated in Islington, ordained deacon 1848 and priest 1851. In 1849-55 worked in Tinnevelly, 1855-58 in Madras and 1858-59 in Tamil Cooly mission in Ceylon. Giving up missionary work he was from 1861 senior chaplain in Madras (1873 in London, 1875 again in Madras). In the end of the 1870s he was chaplain of Saint John’s in Bangalore, from at least 1885 chaplain of Coimbatore, in 1886-95 retired Senior Chaplain in Salem. Also Served in Secunderabad, Trivandrum, Trichy, Vepery and Calicut. Fellow of Madras University Worked on history, Sanskrit and Tamil. Also active student of nature. Twice married.

Publications: transl. from Tamil: Sēshāttrisivatēsikar: Elements of the Vedantic Philosophy. Madras n.d. (1860).

A number of small historical and epigraphical articles in the IA at least until 1890, e.g. “Fa Hian’s Kingdom of the Dakshiṇa”, IA 7, 1878, 1-7; “The Dakhan in the time of Gautama-Buddha”, IA 16, 1887, 1-8 & 49-57; “The Vicissitudes of the Buddhist Literature of Ceylon”, IA 17, 1888, 100-104, 122-128; “Buddhaghosa”, IA 19, 1890, 105-122.

translated: The Hindu Law of Inheritance according to the Sarasvatívilása of Pratáparudra Deva. L. 1881.

– “The Pallavas”, JRAS 17, 1885, 183-220; “The Early Pallavas of Kánchípuram”, JRAS 1889, 111-124.

edited: Kālidāsa, Śakuntalā, South Indian Recension. Madras 1904.

also wrote on and translated from Tamil.

Sources: Not in Who Was Who. Information culled from the member-lists of RAS (1867ff.), then also


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