RICHARDS, Frederick John

RICHARDS, Frederick John. 26.6.1875 — 19??. British Civil Servant and Archaeologist in India. Son of John R. and his wife Sarah. M.A. Joined I.C.S. in 1898, served in Madras Presidency. Long time in Salem. As Collector of Bangalore (1909-13) he founded with Tabard in 1909 the Mythic Society. In 1923 member of Legislative Council, Madras. In retirement Lecturer in Indian Archaeology at S.O.A.S. (1934). Among his students was Sankalia.

Publications: Salem District Gazetteer . 1:1. Madras 1918.

– “Cross Cousin Marriage in South India”, Man 14, 1914, 194-198; “Badaga and Toda Months”, Man 20, 1920, 23-25.; “Note on some Iron Age graves at Odugattur, North Arcot District, South India”, JRAnthr.Inst. 54, 1924, 157-165.

– “Geographical factors in Indian archaeology”, IA 62, 1933, 235-243.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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