RUSSELL, Robert Vane

RUSSELL, Robert Vane. 8.8.1873 — off the coast of Crete 30.12.1915. British Ethnologist in India. Son of Charles Robert Tilden R., a navy officer, educated at Winchester College, then studies at Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1893 joined I.C.S. Superintendent in 1901 census, then Superintendent of Ethnography, Central Provinces. Died on way to India on board of SS Persia, torpedoed by German submarine in WW I. In the 1916 book they did not use the then fashionable anthropometric methods and racial ideas of Risley.

Publications: Several vols. of Central Provinces district gazetteers: Damoh district. 14+216 p. Allahabad 1906; Narsinghpur district. 14+241 p. Allahabad 1906; Betul district. 14+265 p. Allahabad 1907; Seoni district. 12+197 p. Allahabad 1907; Bhandara district. 16+243 p. Allahabad 1908.

– With Hīra Lāl: The Castes and Tribes of the Central Provinces. 1-4. 25+426, 11+540, 11+589, 11+608 p. ill. L. 1916.

Sources: Wikipedia (with photo as a schoolboy).

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