FRANCKLIN, William. 1763 — India 12.4.1839. British Colonial Officer and Historian in India. Son of Thomas Fr., educated at Westminster and Trinity College, Cambridge. Joined the E.I.C.’s Bengal Native Infantry in 1783. In 1786 travelled in Iran. Long time captain, lieutenant-colonel 1814. In 1815 regulating officer in Bhagalpur. Retired in 1825, but remained in India. In his study on Palibothra he tried to establish an erroneous view of its location.

Publications: Observations made on a tour from Bengal to Persia in 1786-7. L. 1790.

The Loves of Camarupa and Camalata. From the Persian. 1793.

The History of the Reign of Shah-Aulam, the present Emperor of Hindustan. 246 p. L. 1798.

Facts, political, geographical, and commercial, on the dominions of Ava, and the North-western parts of Hindoostan. L. 1810.

Inquiry concerning the Site of the Ancient Palibothra. 1-3. 268 p. L. 1815-22.

Researches on the tenets and doctrines of the Jeynes and Boodhists; conjectured to be the Brachmanes of Ancient India. In which is introduced a discussion of the worship of the serpent in various countries of the world. 8+215 p. L. 1827.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; 3 brief contemporary notes in Br. Biogr. Arch. 1st Series (and Buckland in 2nd Series); not in the D.N.B.; Wikipedia.


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