SCHAENZLIN (Schänzlin), Gottlieb L.

SCHAENZLIN (Schänzlin), Gottlieb L. Pfullingen near Reutlingen 25.5.1877 — Springfield, Clark, Ohio 27.9.1963. Rev. German Methodist Missionary in India, then in the U.S.A. Son of Johann Jakob Sch. M.A. 1921 Johns Hopkins, in Indology. From 1907 worked in Bengal, from 1914 he was Principal of Collins Institute and Bible Training School in Calcutta. After India living in Ohio. Married with Elizabeth Lagemann (d. 1918), one daughter, then with Elsa M. Debus.

Publications: M.A. thesis on the Śūnya-Purāṇa.

– “On the structure of Munda words”, JAOS 52, 1932, 46-50.

– Religious writings.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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